As a busy homeowner with lots to do around the house, it can be easy to overlook garage door renovations. Especially when there are plenty of renos to take care of inside, you may be wondering if a project like this is worth undertaking. At TOHO Garage Doors, we believe garage door installation is just as important as any other renovation, but especially so if you notice any of the following signs.

You’re Hearing Popping, Clicking, or Other Noises

Does your garage door come to a grinding halt every time you try to open or close it? Does it take 20 minutes to do either? Are you hearing the dreaded grind and squeak? These are all signs that one day it could just stop working all together. At this point, you should consider garage door installation ASAP.

You Find Yourself Constantly Repairing Your New Garage Door/Any Accessories

If you’re spending your whole weekend taking care of garage repairs or fixing jams in the garage door remote, that’s probably a sign you’re better off investing in a new one than spending a ton of time and money on the old and broken one. It’s a simple concept – but it’s true. When you add up all those dollars and cents, garage door prices are still lower than consistent repairs.

There’s Visible Damage

If you can see dents, scuffs, and scratches on your garage door, you know what that means – it’s time for a change! Not only do they take away from the overall aesthetic, but they can also lead to bigger problems. For example, if there’s damage near the garage door track, this could cause a misalignment, preventing the whole system from working properly.

You’re Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

Did you know that garage door installation (especially one with extras like a metal garage door trim) can add a ton of curb appeal to your home? That’s right – if you’re getting ready to put your house on the real estate market, renovating your garage can make a big difference in terms of increasing your asking price. First impressions matter, and garage doors are some of the first elements of the home prospective buyers will see.

You’re No Longer Happy with the Tech

There are so many tech savvy ways to upgrade your garage these days, but it all has to start with having the right garage door. Certain openers, for example, will only work with newer models; so, if you want a tech-heavy door for your home, you’ll need to speak to your garage door manufacturer about what it will take to make it happen.

The Garage Door Style Looks Dated

Even if there’s nothing physically wrong with your garage door, it’s completely natural to want one with a more modern aesthetic. One of the most common reasons customers contact TOHO is because we are able to create custom garage doors that perfectly match your home’s design. With a number of collections to choose from, there’s no need to stick with an outdated look.

You’re Using a Lot of Energy to Cool or Heat Your Home

One of the hidden benefits of garage door installation is energy efficiency. In fact, by opting for a door with garage door insulation, you’ll likely be cutting down on your energy bills and saving money every month. As a go-between the inside and outside of your home, your garage is often prone to heat loss, air leaks, and drafts. However, when you have an insulated garage door, these issues are instantly prevented, and you’ll quickly notice the difference in terms of both energy efficiency and cost savings.

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