So you’ve decided to replace your residential or commercial garage door. You’ve shopped around, found a reputable company in Toronto, run a price comparison to make sure you’re getting the best garage door cost, and are ready to get started.

Now that the hard part is over, all you have to do is decide on what kind of door you want. Here’s a quick guide on how it’s done – but remember that whenever you’re in a pinch, TOHO’s team of garage doors installers in Richmond Hill can help walk you through the decision-making process.

To get the ball rolling, try answering the following questions.

What Garage Door Style Are You Interested In?

One helpful tip when choosing a garage door style is to start with your home’s architecture. A quick Google search can yield tons of results and help you determine whether your home is modern, ranch style, Victorian, Colonial, or something else entirely.

From there, you can either pick out a door style that compliments the look or go bold by choosing something totally completely different. By adding a modern garage door to a classic home, for example, you can give the exterior a facelift. If done right, it can help modernize your house.

Since architects are often responsible for designing an entire street, a quick scan of your neighbour’s houses could be worthwhile as well. Try taking a walk around your neighbourhood and checking out the other homes. You’ll quickly figure out what you like and don’t like – replicating it during your garage door replacement.

To Add Windows or Not to Add Windows?

Garage door windows come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and are a great addition to your replacement. Whether your space is multi-purpose and you’re looking to shed some extra light in or you simply want to spice up the look – adding door windows is a popular choice with homeowners.

Once you’ve chosen the type of windows you want and decided how many are right for your garage door, you can also play around with the type of glass. From clear to black tinted to imprinted, there are lots of interesting options available. And don’t worry, they’re all super thick and shatter-resistant, so no matter what kind of elements they’re exposed to, they’re equipped to handle them.

Of course, you can always opt-out of adding windows. If you’re looking for a timeless classic view our Classic 300 Style.

Could the Right Trim or Accessories Enhance the Look?

Whether you want to deck out your garage door with the latest technology or you simply want to splash on an extra touch of aesthetics, finishing off with the right accessories is key to your garage door installation. For carriage and coach house garage door styles, for example, we suggest adding on a decorative handle set or upgraded decorative handle set (for an elevated look).

Looks Aside, Have You Considered Function?

Thankfully, at TOHO, this is a decision that can come last. Why? Because all of our doors are of the highest quality and designed to perform in harsh Canadian conditions. Not to be braggy, but as the best garage door manufacturer in the GTA, we focus on function first, so you don’t have to worry about it.

When making a decision, we always recommend opting for a highly insulated, metal garage door. From durability to weather resistance, there are many reasons why metal is the best material – and one major plus is that it can be properly insulated. Still, deciding which  door is right for you? Contact TOHO for friendly advice and a free quote on your next project!

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