Over the past couple of years, we’ve all learned a lesson or two about making the most of the spaces we have. Whether your kitchen became your home office, your living room transformed into a daycare centre, or your basement became a recreation area, we all adapted and maximized in any way possible. And as home gym and studios closed, we started using our garages as homemade fitness centres, too.

Fairly low-cost and easy to transform, this renovation is a great way to make the most of your home (whether or not these facilities are open). We have a few tips on how it’s done.

Start By Decluttering

A problem we often face when starting a new project in the garage is clutter. As an additional storage space, it’s usually piled to the ceiling with everything from lawn mowers and skis to Christmas decor.

Before getting started on your home gym, it’s essential to sort through the clutter and figure out what’s junk and what’s not. Whether you follow Marie Kondo’s method, host a garage sale, or play a game of take or toss, as long as the space is clean and clear by the end, it’ll bring you one step closer to your very own garage gym.

Create Dedicated “Zones”

Especially if the space is multi-functional (after all, you have to keep your car somewhere!), you’ll need to get organized by creating various zones throughout your garage.

Start by sketching out a rough layout of the space on pen and paper or through your favourite design program. Once you have a visual from a bird’s eye view, draw out the “zones” by adding lines. This quick exercise will help you realize how much space you need for your car, additional storage, the home gym, and anything else you might be using it for.

Pinpoint Which Equipment Will Get the Most Use

Once you know what you’re working with, you’ll then have a rough idea of the type of equipment your gym can house. Of course, you’ll never have as much space to play with as a commercial fitness centre – so it’s best to determine your priorities and go from there.

Are you a runner? Try adding in a slim treadmill.

Big on weight lifting? Invest in a multi-functional bench.

Do lots of cardio? Make sure you have enough floor space to move around freely.

And anywhere you can save space by combining equipment or even making your own, will be helpful in making the most of your garage-gym hybrid.

Consider the Flooring

Let’s be honest – garage flooring wasn’t designed with exercise in mind. Often made of concrete, it’s too hard for shock absorption, making it tough on muscles and joints. Luckily, there are other options. Interlocking rubber tiles or resin are both inexpensive, easy to install, waterproof, and a breeze to clean. And it may be a quick fix, but it will instantly improve the quality of your garage gym.

Invest in Garage Door Insulation

By working with a dedicated garage door manufacturer that specializes in garage door insulation, you can transform your space overnight. Immediately after garage door installation, the space will be temperature-controlled and ready to use year-round. Properly insulated metal garage doors can make all the difference for your home gym.

As the GTA’s best garage door manufacturer and installer, TOHO can help you find the right garage door to meet your needs. Between our high quality metal garage doors and our reasonable new garage door prices, you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

We may not be able to complete the renovation for you, but with our insulated garage doors, we can get you one step closer.

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