Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property manager, your garage is an important extension of your space that requires just as much attention as the rest. Garage doors are often overlooked, but they can increase your curb appeal, act as multipurpose rooms, or even improve the climate of the rest of your home or office. But have you considered garage door insulation? It doesn’t add much to the cost while offering a host of benefits for your home or commercial property. 

Insulated Garage Doors Are Incredibly Energy-Efficient

Looking to save money on your energy bills, while doing the environment a favour? Garage door insulation can certainly contribute! As a go-between the inside and outside of your home, your garage is often prone to heat loss, air leaks, and drafts. However, when you have an insulated garage door, these issues are instantly prevented, and you’ll quickly notice the difference in terms of both energy efficiency and cost savings.

They Help Keep Your Home Comfortable Year-Round

Not only will your new insulated garage door help with climate control in your garage, but it can actually help warm or cool other parts of your home. Adjacent rooms, like a bedroom above the garage or a laundry room, for example, will benefit from the insulation. And since you no longer have to worry about freezing or overheating, you can even turn your garage into the multipurpose space you’ve always envisioned – a few ideas include a gym, storage room, or art studio.

They’re Strong and Durable 

Insulated doors, such as metal garage doors are built differently from your average garage door. Made with extra layers to facilitate the insulation, they’re often stronger and more durable. Once installed, you’ll be able to enjoy your new doors without having to worry about denting, scratching, or damage. Although regular wear-and-tear can occur from time to time (ask us about our warranty!), we often see our doors lasting longer than most.

They Contribute to Noise Control

Did you know that an insulated garage door can be 3 times quieter than a non-insulated garage door? That’s right, thanks to that extra layer of insulation, you’ll be able to benefit from improved noise control! So, whether you’re thinking of starting a garage band (without worrying about the neighbours complaining) or you simply want to keep the peace in your home, garage door insulation can make a major difference. 

The Best Insulated Garage Doors in the GTA (And Beyond!)

At TOHO garage doors, we manufacture and install the best garage doors. Period. All of our doors are highly insulated with a 2” thick polyurethane insulation and one of the highest R-values available on the market. Whether you need help deciding between garage door styles, you need garage door repairs, or you simply want to learn more about the benefits of insulation, our professional garage door installers are here for you every step of the way.

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