At TOHO, your garage door installation starts long before our technicians arrive on-site. From the moment you contact us until well after your doors have been installed, we’re here to take care of your every need.

The installation process itself is fast and thorough. We understand that you’re busy, and will do our best to work around your schedule!

Wondering what your service call will look like? Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from your upcoming garage door installation.

Setting Up For Success Before the Installation


Before we get started on any work, it’s very important that our team has a good understanding of your exact needs and specifications. During our free consultation, we’ll help answer any questions you may have, discussing everything from your preferred garage door style (we carry a wide range of traditional and modern garage doors) to sizing and accessories.

Prior to quoting you for an installation, we will assess the need for any garage door repairs (including overhead door repair) to determine if that’s a better option for you instead.

If you’re happy with the information we provided, our garage door company will set up a time that works for you for a free onsite estimate, taking down your information and noting any special requirements you may have.

Health and Safety

Once our estimator/technicians arrive on the scene, they’ll make sure to contact you in advance, giving you enough time to prepare for the appointment. With COVID-19 regulations strictly in place, our technicians are fully equipped with PPE and will do their best to maintain a safe distance throughout the onsite estimate.


Before getting started, our garage door installers will take down several measurements including the dimensions of the frame, as well as the track radius and size. Next, they will determine clearance levels from the upper door frame to the ceiling

Detailed Quote

Once we go over all the details, our estimator will put together a free custom quote including the garage door cost, labour expenses for our garage door installers, plus any upgrades or accessories you may wish to add on. Although garage door prices may vary, we are able to keep our rates competitive due to the fact that we custom-manufacture every door ourselves.

Working Efficiently During the Garage Door Installation

Clearing the Area

With the health and safety of our employees in mind, we ask our clients to clear the surroundings of any obstacles that would prevent our team from completing the task prior to the start of the installation. If required we can assist in the removal of any obstructions before getting to work on your residential or commercial project.

Getting Started!

Moving quickly and efficiently, our professional technicians will then proceed with the actual installation. As a homeowner or property manager, you can feel confident knowing that everything will be carried out up to code and with the latest standards in mind.

When they are finished, they will double-check that everything is running smoothly, opening and closing your door several times before packing up.

Site Cleanup

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Once our techs wrap up with the installation, they will dispose of any debris, until they are absolutely sure that you’re left with minimal clean-up.

Ensuring Customers Are Satisfied After the Installation

After they clean up, our garage door installers will give you a tour of your new door, showing you how everything works – including any accessories (such as home security systems or garage door openers) that go with your door.

If you notice any imperfections or anything is missing, you can always give us a call after the installation, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new door!

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